Some issues caused by viruses/Trojans are sometimes very hard to fix or an extremely lengthy procedure to repair the hundreds damaged or corrupt system files.

In many cases you will improve the performance of a machine with a fresh operating system reinstall, often referred to as a ‘Format Reload’.

We are a Certified Microsoft Vender and can currently reinstall all Windows operating systems.

•    Windows 10

•    Windows 8.1

•    Windows 8

•    Windows 7

•    Windows Vista

•    Windows XP

•    Windows 2k

Once the operating system has been reinstalled we will ensure that your system is fully up to date with all the essential fixes and service packs, to make your system like new once again.

For an additional price we can also provide a data backup and restore service for all Operating reinstalls.

•    Don’t loose any of your data

•    Restores all your documents

•    Music

•    Pictures

Please see in store for Price