A common question we are asked is about backing up your data.

There are three main ways to backup:

Cloud Backup

Services such as www.dropbox.com and www.idrive.com offer free limited storage plans which are often more than enough for essential files.

Manual Backup to Media

This includes copying and pasting your most important files to a USB memory stick or an external hard drive. Both of these types of media can fail which is worth remembering so always make sure you have a copy of the data on both the machine and media and never in one place.

Automatic Backup to Media

Both Windows and Mac OS have the ability to automatically back up files and a system image to a media device with sufficient storage. For Apple Macs we would recommend using time machine which is natively built in to all the Mac OS versions and seems to do a good job. For windows it is sometimes better to use an aftermarket program such as Easeus Todo Backup because the built in windows backup does not always notify if a backup has not completed.

If you need to discuss any of these services please feel free to call the team on 01273 507638 or email us directly via hello@rebootandrepair.com