A lot has changed since our birth in 2008. We are pleased to confirm the changeover of our home user business from “Carden Computers” to Reboot and repair; same staff and same great service but under new ownership. This change was needed to separate our Home Repair and Business Support factions of the company, which have both outgrown each other requiring a completely different skill set and mission statement.

Reboot and repair will:

  • Maintain a high street presence at our address on Carden Avenue, Brighton.
  • Offer the best Mac, Laptop and PC repairs in Brighton and the surrounding areas.
  • Specialise in home user callouts, workshop support and repairs.

Business User? please visit Carden IT Services at www.cardenitservices.co.uk

We look forward to hearing from you in the future,

Mike, Will and Graham – Reboot.

Dave, Jeremy, Scott, Sean, Callum, Adrian, Jake, Chris, Wayne and Paul – Carden IT.

We would like to leave you with Harold – A classic advert of ours from 2009.


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