Pop-ups are the product of a Virus/Trojan infection on your system.

These infections fool the user by making a popup box appear that looks like a genuine product such as Microsoft Security essentials or other common antivirus programs.

The popup then appears to scan your local drive for infected files, and will show a result of a file that is infected with a virus, many users fall for this trick and click remove threat button or something similar as it looks like the real thing.

Unfortunately this only allows the virus to dig its roots deeper into your system, while making the popup appear more frequently and even disabling genuine antivirus / firewall software you may have on your machine, risking your files & identity using online services such as banking, online shopping.

To fully clean a system can take anywhere from one hour to ttwelve depending on the type and level of infection you have, the amount of data such as documents, videos and music also adds a significant amount of time to the cleaning process.

Because of the time it takes to fully remove all threats we unfortunately cannot provide home visits, but to combat this we offer a SET PRICE in store.