The internet is an ever evolving thing with its speed increasing year after year and more than one method of connecting yourself to the web, gone are the days of just simply plugging one cable into your phone socket and waiting five minutes to connect.

We offer a home broadband install service to help you get connected quickly and easily, it doesn’t matter if your ISP (internet service provider) service is run through fiber optic such as Virgin Media or a telephone service like BT we can configure your supplied hardware to get you up and running in no time.

Sometimes faulty equipment can be the cause of no internet, if these are not replaced by your service provider we carry a range of cabled and wireless routers that we can supply to make sure you have an interference-free and secure connection.

Get the most out of your internet connection share it with other users in your household, share documents and stream media files such as videos and music to other computers & laptops with our Home Network installation service.