PC or MAC failing to boot? Slow PC or laptop? Struggling with ongoing home computing issues? Our business quality services are now extended to home users to bring you a great service at a great price.

Fixed Priced Services

We believe in value for money. That is why unlike many other professional repair shops we don’t charge any inspection fee’s whatsoever on any system. Yes that means diagnosis is COMPLETELY FREE with NO OBLIGATION whatsoever for you to take up the repair. Feel the security that your computer is in our repair shop where we are open and contactable all week and even on Saturdays.

Popular Services

Virus Cleaning and Prevention – With lots of dangerous viruses, trojans, malware and spyware out there now days it is important to have your system cleaned as soon as you suspect suspicious activity… read more

Operating System Reinstalls – Heavily infected or degraded computers can sometimes benefit greatly by a complete Windows or MAC reinstall. Of course we will back up all your data first… read more

Physical Laptop Repair – Laptop not charging? Faulty screen? Broken keyboard? We can supply the parts and fit them for you… read more

Memory Upgrades – Operating systems and applications now demand high amounts of memory and quite often machines are sold with not enough to bring the price down… read more

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You have nothing to loose – free diagnosis, free advice, honest people, honest prices. We are number 1 for computer repair in Brighton.