Have you noticed your Mac, Laptop or Desktop PC making more noise than normal? The reason is probably a build up of dust and dirt

Disgusting isnt it?

What is it?

Dust, Hair, Clothing Fibres, Feathers


What Causes it?

Most computers contain fans to circulate air to cool the components inside. Unfortunately these fans suck in cold air and anything else in the area of the intake! This can then become trapped in the computers heatsink which often feature a fin or meshed design whos purpose is to offer more contact area for cool air to transfer heat. Over time this mesh gets clogged resulting in the fan spinning faster in order to compensate for restricted cooling.

How Can I Fix It?

Bring it to us – we love the satisfaction of cleaning these out. At the same time we will apply new Thermal Paste and lubricate the fans bearings. This applies to Macs, Desktop PCs and Laptops.

How Can I Prevent It?

Keep your computer on a flat surface and elevated from the floor. Try not to place your computer directly on the carpet or on the bed. Hoover (When the computer is turned off) around the intake vents at regular intervals.

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