What is it?

Apple Keynote 2018 is a press conference hosted by Apple to unveil their latest cutting edge Technology. They are expected to showcase three new iPhones, the 4th Series of Apple Watches, various Apple accessories including AirPods and Airpower  and software updates such as iOS12 and Mac OS Mojave. There are also rumors that they could be unveiling a new line of iPad Pros, a new Mac Mini and also new models of MacBooks and iMacs. 

When Is It?

The Apple Keynote 2018 Press Conference begins on Wednesday 12th September at the Steve Jobs Theater in California. The event begins at 6PM UK Time.

How to Watch The Event

There are multiple ways to live-stream the event. One way is directly from Apple's Website which will require you to have any Apple Product that has Safaria on iOS10, MacOs 10.12 or later. Not forgetting Windows users they are able to stream the event also from Apple's Website if they have a Windows 10 Computer and are using the Microsoft Edge Browser. 

Another option is if you have an Apple TV you are able to download the Apple Events App and live-stream it from there.

So Why is it so Important?

Apple are one of the most innovative and successful technological companies in this age being worth over a staggering One Trillion Dollars. There products range from mobile devices to computers to watches and TV's. The products are easy to pick up and fashionable with their simple yet sleek designs and iconic Apple logo branded into every product. Apple have become the trendsetters and have set the standards in the technological industry. iPhone's are one of the most successful range of mobile phones to ever emerge and has resulted in other competitors copying and mimicking their designs. 

If you, a consumer, were thinking of buying a new Apple product or want to fuel that technological curiosity the Apple Keystone Press Conference is a perfect opportunity to see what new and up coming products will be available from Apple in the up coming months.  

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