Here are the top 4 websites that contain tools to help identify common issues and why they are so awesome

1 – Internet Speedtest

This is a rapid benchmark that can easily identify networking issues or problems with a computers wireless and wired network card.

2 – Keyboard Tester

This intuitive tool allows you to test the functionality of your keyboard which is essential if you have experienced a liquid spill or are having issues entering passwords.

3 – Blacklist Checker

Email problems? check your email and domain name against a global database. Any flags that appear could mean your email password has been compromised and someone is sending out spam email from your account!

4 – Strong Password Generator

Stay one step ahead of hackers and fraudsters by using this tool to generate ultra secure passwords. Options can be changed such as length of password and the ability to hide similar looking characters.


For any issues that are still persistent or not in this list please call us on 01273 507638 where we will be able to offer you free diagnosis and no-fix-no-fee on any issues you are experiencing.

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